Late results? Here are 4 reasons

Still waiting for results? You have completed a one hour training session without noticing any change? Here are our best tips to optimize your workout sessions:


1. Train regularly


With a regular training and a balanced diet, your results will come faster than what you expect! Two 10 minutes’ sessions over one week will be much more effective than only one of 20 minutes. It is only by using the muscles regularly that you’ll be able to get some results. Plan at least two training sessions per week (for example: Wednesday and Saturday).


2. Take your time


Depending on your level, dedicate more time to your exercises. If you are a beginner, it is completely normal to experience difficulties during a session. Slowly but surely, take all the time you need! Forcing yourself can be counterproductive, get to learn your limits and then push them back every time in a realistic way.


3. Stay well hydrated


Dehydration is a key factor counter performance, which can even be dangerous for the athlete’s health: cramps, muscular injuries, dizziness… Stay well hydrated before/during/after training with spring, mineral, salty water or some energy drink (with low sugar). Avoid cold, acidic and sparkling drinks. Hydration is good only if urines are clear. If this is not the case, drink more before going to bed.


4. Take care of yourself


Results are even more effective if you eat healthy. Choosing a healthier lifestyle is mainly listening to your body needs without going through privation! Indeed, it is possible to eat healthy and please yourself at the same time! Check out our articles and the “nutrition” section directly within our app!


And the most important thing : be happy !


Late results : happy girl