Perfect butt for the summer

You love your butt but you would like to upgrade it? Take your booty to the next level with our set of exercises and advice. Genetics gave you the butt you have but good workouts, nutrition and some tips can help you overcome what you got. Can sports change your body? Yes, totally. So go and grab your favorite sports bra/shorts/t-shirts and shoes and let’s go!


Our summer program


perfect butt : summer program


First, a daily workout for a great, tight and strong butt. For approximatively 15 to 20 minutes, 3 rounds of:


45 hip extension


Lie down on your mat, your arms alongside your body and your legs bent. Bring your butt up so that your shoulders are aligned with your pelvis and your knees. Squeeze your glutes at each repetition.


20 sumo squat


Exactly like a classic squat, imagine that you are sitting on an imaginary chair, keeping your back straight. The difference between classic squats and sumo ones is that for the latter, you have to keep your legs more than shoulder-width apart.


30 fire hydrant


On your mat, on all fours, lift the right leg on the right side. Alternate legs between each repetition.


30 donkey kicks


On your mat, on all fours, lift the right leg up. You have to keep your legs bent during the whole exercise. Alternate legs between each repetition and do not forget to tighten your abs in order to prevent any back pain!


15 jump squats


You start with a classic squat, your legs shoulder-width apart. Instead of performing your squats slowly, you have to jump between each repetition.


30 pointers with arms


This one really looks like the donkey kicks exercise except that this time, you have to stretch out your leg while lifting it. You also add an arm movement as you have to lift your arm simultaneously.


Do not forget to drink water during the workout and stretch yourself. This will help your muscles recovery. If you like this workout, you can find it and a lot more on the 101 Fitness app.


Muscles you have to focus on for a bigger, rounder butt

perfect butt : muscles


The booty is made of three gluteal muscles : gluteal maximus, gluteal medius and gluteal minimus. It is the combined work of these three that will get you this typical well-rounded booty.


The gluteal maximus are the biggest muscles in this area. You use them when you need strength and power in your lower body: running, jumping, lifting weights… They are the ones responsible for your butt shape and are located above the other gluteal muscles.
The gluteal medius are under the gluteal maximus, and on the sides of your buttocks. These muscles help the maximus muscles for good balance and stabilization.
The gluteal minimus are the deepest of the gluteal muscles, and the weakest ones.

perfect butt : healthy nutrition
Nutrition will help you get faster results. You are what you eat. There is only one secret when you want to get fast and durable results in fitness. You have to eat healthy. That does not mean that you have to cut your daily calories intake drastically. Actually, there is no need for a low calories diet which will only lead to a yo-yo effect and compulsive eating. You can eat a lot provided that you eat quality food with enough proteins, lipids and carbs.


If you have no idea at all of how much calories you need in a day, you can go on this website: macronutrientcalculator. However, you do not need to count your exact calories intake to the gram. What you need is to listen to your body (well, don’t listen to that voice in your head asking for ice cream): if you feel tired, or if you lack of performance during your workout, it could mean that you are not having enough carbs for instance. Read more about vegeratian nutrition and fitness.


A few day-to-day tips that will make your booty happy

perfect butt : tips
• Whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the elevators and walk instead of taking public transportation. Tighten your glutes and abs at every step. This little exercises will boost your body and burn a few extra calories.
• Drink a lot of water (up to 2liters), especially when it’s burning hot outside. Water is what helps purify the body from the inside. Plus, it is really efficient against cellulite.
• Replace sugary snacks with healthy ones. Refined sugar is not a good option. It does not fill you, it is high in calories and you will experience a sugar crush 2 hours after your snack. It does not mean you cannot enjoy snacks and satisfy your sweet tooth though! Dark chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, humus, peanut butter… Try and find your best snacking combination. Psst we do not want to spoil you but google ‘peanut butter energy balls’, they are game-changing.
• Massage yourself with oils or creams. Hydration is key, whether it is from the inside by drinking water or from the outside by moisturizing.


No more excuses, you can have the booty you want. Are you done with today’s glutes workout ? Once it’s over, grab your bikini, towel and flip-flops. Your booty is on fleek so you deserve a swimming pool break! If you want to have a full bikini body workout, consult our top 8 fat burning exercises to melt your winter waistline.