Which workout for which body type: Everything You Need to Know

Which workout for which body type: Everything You Need to Know

We are all made differently and with different attributes. If we’re all the same then we wouldn’t have our Usain Bolts and Muhammad Alis. It would then make absolute sense to have different workouts for different body types.

Some people are made for running and others are much better suited for weigh training. Whatever your body type, there are workouts that will actually help you achieve your body’s perfect look.

There are three main body types, Ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Finding out which one you are is the first step and then you can really get going.




1. Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs are the long and lean types who find it difficult to actually build muscle. Their fast metabolism is both a blessing and a curse. They process carbs into energy much faster than the other two types and consequently burn off fat much faster. This is also the reason why they struggle to bulk up. Their fast twitch fibers are underdeveloped and this decreases the rate at which they bulk up.

In order for them to build muscle, they need to eat a bit more. They should maintain a 3000-calorie diet which should include a good amount of starchy carbs and protein. Ectomorphs also need to keep cardio exercises to a minimum. Instead, they have focus more on intense compound-type exercises to give their growth hormone release a bit of a boost.

These guys need to stay away from the normal bodybuilder isolation exercises like the bicep curl. These exercises only focus on one muscle group. They should rather spend more time on doing compound movement exercises that involve more muscles.

This gives them a hormonal boost that stimulates muscle growth. Their major downfall is that they find cardio and long-distance workouts fairly easy and lose all their hard-earned muscle or don’t bulk up at all.




2. Endomorphs

These guys have the ability to store fuel really well. Unfortunately, the best most common concentration area is the lower body. They have a tough time in keeping the weight down and maintaining an overall level of fitness. What they need to be focusing on is shoulder and upper body exercises to strip away the lower body fats.

In order for endomorphs to lose weight, they need to maintain a high fiber diet that has nearly half the calories of ectomorphs. Back in the day, these guys were badass, seeing that they could function on much less than other body types.

Unfortunately, times have changed and so have our levels of comfort and the need to hunt for survival.

Although cardio should be an important feature in their workout routines, they need to do the low rep, heavy weight training. This enables them to burn more muscle long after their workout. The post-workout calories that they ingest will actually fuel their muscles instead of flaring up the gut. Endomorphs should ideally do hyper trophy workouts four times a week in conjunction with some cardio.




3. Mesomorphs

These are the lucky guys seeing that they find it fairly easy to build new muscle and they don’t seem to store that much body fat. Having it this easy is often times their downfall because they take their natural athletic physique for granted and slip into bad eating and exercising habits. Mesomorphs mainly have to do maintenance on their physique more than try and bulk up, which happens naturally.

Mesomorphs don’t really need a gym. If they have an area where they can run quick sprints, do box jumps and vertical jumps and plyometric exercises then they are set to shed the pounds and bulk up on muscle fairly easily.

Concerning their diets, they also don’t need to break the bank. These guys need to maintain a 2500 calorie diet with lots of whole grains and minimum fats.

The best exercises for mesomorphs are by far power moves and explosive plyometric exercising. The same exercises that ectomorphs should stay away from are the ones that mesomorphs respond very well to.

In short, these guys need to train like athletes. Their workouts should be timed because they tend to slack off and consequently get less out of their workout.

As mentioned earlier, they tend to fall into bad habits and take their physique for granted. When they get older, they find it much harder to change their ways. When the youth was on their side they could eat and drink anything and still look good. When they get older, all their processes slow down and that is when the fit hits the shan.