10 Ways To Easily Lose Weight

10 Ways To Easily Lose Weight

We live in the information age and it seems like there are new ways to lose weight every week. There are however, a few tried and tested things you can do that really makes a difference and the results show rather quickly. Here is a list of ways to easily lose weight.


1. Conscious choice

We all love to eat out from time to time and some of us do this more regularly than others. Make the healthy choice and assess your menu to determine the healthier options for your meals. If the salad option is available go for it. Choose grilled instead of fried and generally stay away from the saucy stuff. You can also discover and try our delicious recipes at less than 300 calories to help you get in shape!

2. Stray from the salty aisle


Although this is one of the tastiest aisles in a grocery store, it is also one of the unhealthiest aisles. Without thinking about it, we stroll through the salty snack aisle and grab a bag or two of chips or snacks.

Salty foods make your body retain water and this shows on the scale. But these snacks mess with your brain as well. The more you eat, the more you crave. At first a hand full of chips were enough, now a pack hardly cuts it.



3. The 300 breakfast

Having a healthy high calorie breakfast might sound counterproductive, but in reality, it helps you more than you can imagine. In the morning, your body is slow to start and giving it a healthy helping hand boosts your metabolism.

A 300-calorie breakfast is more than enough to get you going for a long while and you won’t feel as hungry during the day if you have a healthy start.


4. Baby exercise steps


If there is one thing that I have learned about exercise it is that kicking off at a frantic pace never lasts. The first week or so feels amazing, but then the novelty recedes.

Rather do small bursts of exercise like a couple of squats during a commercial or activating your core when you wait in a line. Finding creative ways during the day to space out some workouts will help you burn more calories.



5. Put down the cancer stick

It goes without saying that kicking the habit is beneficial to you in more ways than one. For those of us who used to smoke, that morning cough or shortness of breath was a real inspiration to let go of the smoking habit.

You immediately have a bit more energy and exercising isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Exercising and lighting up don’t mix. The sooner you quit the sooner you’ll be inspired to exercise.



6. Purge the pantry


Your pantry is a constant reminder of all the unhealthy food that you mindlessly buy at the store. Rather, get rid of all the unhealthy stuff and replace them with healthy alternatives. You’ll be surprised at how empty your pantry looks after you purge it of the bad stuff. There is nothing wrong with snacks, just make sure they are healthy and of the low-carb variety and you’ll soon see those pounds drop.



7. Music to your stomach

Although the music itself won’t help you lose the weight, it will inspire you to give it a bit more effort in the gym. Music is very powerful in terms of mood alteration. Load up your iPod with energizing jams to inspire you to kick it up a notch when you sweat it out. You don’t have to take my word for it, test it out and see for yourself when you feel more energetic in the gym.


8. Veg it out


I like my meats and I absolutely love my pizza, the two combined is absolute heaven. However, processed meats are so full of unhealthy carbs and sugars. Combine that with the pizza crust and you get weight chaos. The good news is that you can still have a super tasty pizza by changing the base and adding more veggies like arugula and peppers. It is by far more filling and actually quite healthy.


9. Don’t super-size it

Most take away foods are unhealthy, to begin with. Why add insult to injury by super-sizing your meals? If you just cannot stave off the fast food craving for the day, don’t beat yourself up about it, rather just opt for the regular sizes. It might not be healthy, but it sure as hell won’t let you pick up ridiculous amounts of weight.



10. Treat yourself


As my granny always used to say, everything in moderation. This is probably the most important tip of all. When you deprive yourself of everything that is unhealthy, you end up over-indulging. Rather, leave a bit of room to treat yourself to a sweet dessert or snack that you love. Screw the calorie count, just enjoy the moment.