7 Ways to Stay Motivated, No Matter What

7 Ways to Stay Motivated, No Matter What

Committing to starting exercising can feel daunting, in itself. Once you’ve decided to begin, you’re halfway there! Congratulations! You’ve taken the first big step to a healthier, fitter, you. Stay motivated to reach your new goals is a challenge for everyone.


There is the snooze button –  that you just can’t seem to help but tap – even though you know you should get up early, to fit in your workout, before work. We’re all guilty of feeling lazy, at times, but there are some easy solutions, that will help keep your commitment strong, and motivation levels sky high. Go forth and soar!


Write Down Your Goals

Research shows that having concrete, or tangible, goals is much easier for us to work with. Yes, you want to get fit, and exercise, but, what are your daily, or, weekly, targets? Eg. Cycle 5miles, swim for forty minutes?


By physically writing down your goals, it’s much easier to see if you are achieving them. If you need to change them, that’s ok too, but you have a plan. Excellent. You wouldn’t start baking a cake without following a recipe, would you? In the same way, writing down your plan can show you, exactly, what to do.



On social media, it’s pretty common for people to share their uber fit lifestyles, marathon training, and victory pictures. In the same way, sharing your exercise plans, and goals – with your family and friends – can make you more accountable too.


How much you share is up to you – maybe you’ll post your post-gym smoothie, or the view of the ocean, or your walk by the sea. Perhaps you’re happy to hold yourself accountable, but, social sharing can help us feel good about exercise. (…those Likes and smiley faces help to reinforce, positive feelings.) Go on, share your plans! It’s good for you!


Buddy Up

Teaming up with a friend is another great way to keep yourself in check. It’s much harder to cancel set plans, with someone else, than it is to give yourself an excuse and skip exercising.


Surrounding yourself with like-minded friends is another way to support your fitness. Try meeting a friend for a walk along the beach, or for a yoga class, instead of a cappuccino! Or, do them both –  exercising with a friend can help you stay committed, to your goals, and it can be fun too.


Choose A Specific Workout Program


It is much easier to keep to a fitness program if you have set workout, or classes, that you want to do. It’s easier to stick to a specific exercise, or classes, or routine, than it is to just aim to “exercise more.” Note that we do have routine exercise for the one who wants to get rid of cellulite. While this is a healthy goal, it won’t help you stay motivated, at all. Rather pick something, and stick to it.


You can always change your plan in the future, but, especially when you’re starting new routines, you need some fixed targets. Eg. swimming, cycling, jogging, yoga, gym, walking.


Personal Trainer or Coach

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to stay motivated. A trained professional will not only help you to exercise effectively, but design a personal program for you, for your body, and your unique needs. 101 Fitness application combines a personal exercise and nutritional program for you.


They may also work out an eating program for you too, or recommend a nutritionist.  (Please note that, in some gyms, some personal trainers may not be allowed to give you advice about eating. It may be a liability issue. Check first, if it is something you need help with.)


Mix It Up

While sticking to your exercise program, or routines, is an important part of achieving your fitness goals, it is important to change things up, too. Variety is the spice of life, and you do need to mix things up, too, when it comes to exercising. Repeating the same exercises, day after day, will become boring.


Remember to change things up, from time to time. Try that spinning class you’ve been thinking about, or, change your route when you run. It helps to keep things fresh, and stimulating, and will help keep you motivated. Skip the stationary bike today, and join the spinning class!


Reward Yourself

Exercise may be its own reward, for your body – the healthy post-workout glow, the flood of endorphins, the way your new jeans feel a little looser. Wonderful. It’s a good idea to reward yourself, too, for keeping at it.


You’ve worked hard, and treating yourself can be a healthy way to reinforce your good behavior! (Just remember that food rewards may not always be the best choice)! How about a massage? What about that new dress you’ve been eyeing? Rewards can help you stay motivated! Power Yoga – and then, coffee and cake.