Top 7 anti cellulite exercises you should add to your routine

Almost all of us have cellulite. Thighs, arms, hips, buttocks … Cellulite goes everywhere and alters body’s shape. First things first, you should not worry too much about it. Contrary to what we see on Instagram or in magazines, even top models and actresses have cellulite. Nobody should be ashamed of it but accept it as part of their body. Do you really care about your neighbor’s cellulite? He or she neither does! However, you may want to reduce cellulite’s appearance in order to feel better or just because you do not want to be obsessed with it anymore.


Contrary to a widespread belief, practicing hours of cardio everyday does not eliminate cellulite. Indeed, there is not one and only type of cellulite so there is not one and only method to get rid of it. Cellulite is mostly due to two phenomena: weight gain and water retention. You have to tackle these phenomena in order to give your skin its appearance back. How? By choosing exercises that incite muscle gain and stimulate blood flow. Follow our advice and within a month you will get incredible results, your cellulite will be nothing more than a bad memory.


Why do you have cellulite?


anti cellulite exercises: cause

Cellulite affects more women than men, that is unfair but there is a reason to that. Genetically, women tend to store fat easily in hips, thighs and buttocks as a provision for a potential baby. Add to this bad blood circulation and water retention and you get the perfect cocktail for cellulite. However, cellulite is not inevitable. Thanks to specific exercises, self-massages and a healthy diet, you can get rid of it.


The best sports for cellulite removal


anti cellulite exercise: swimming

No need to run 45 minutes five times a week if you want to treat cellulite. On the contrary, you will get exhausted, be hungry and lose your motivation. What you have to do is to alternate low and high intensity exercises. They will challenge more your body and trigger fat loss along with cellulite disappearance. This is why interval training workouts, known as HIIT, are so effective. Swimming is also a very good option. Indeed, exercising in water helps blood circulation so as a massage would.
Finally, all sports inducing jumping really dislodge the cellulite. If you have a jumping rope at home or at your gym, don’t hesitate!

If you do not like these sports or if you would prefer a more accessible solution, we offer you an anti-cellulite workout below. You can do it at home as it does not require any equipment. You can also arrange your very own anti-cellulite workout thanks to the exercises listed in the 101fitness application.


Our anti-cellulite 15 min bodyweight workout


anti cellulite exercise: top exercises

30 Lunges


Alternate legs so that you do 15 lunges with the left leg and 15 with the right leg in total. Lunges are incredibly effective for thighs and glutes provided that you do them correctly. Make sure that you keep breathing the whole time, that your legs and abs are toned and that your knee does not go over your toes.

If you want this exercise to be more cardio, you can do jumping lunges instead. Jumping will help your blood circulation and be even more efficient against cellulite. They require strength and stability though so they might need some practice!


30 Lateral lunges

Same as previously, alternate legs. You should feel the burn with this exercise. Even if it is basically a lunge on the side, this move involves muscles that we are not used to activate.
Try not to stop during the exercises and use your muscles to the max. Feeling toned and sore is normal especially in the beginning.


30 Squats

Squats are a complete exercise against cellulite, focusing on thighs and glutes. Keep in mind that you should go low enough: the lower the better to fight cellulite. Perform them slowly also in order to focus on muscle work. The best advantage of squats is that there are so many variations, you cannot get tired of them. Indeed, you can vary the type of squats in your workouts: jumping squats, sumo squats etc.


30 Leg lifts on the side then 30 Leg lifts backwards

You stand up and lift the left leg 15 times on the side. Do the same with your right leg. Then lift the left leg 15 times in the back and do the same with the right leg. Keep your abs contracted the whole time and squeeze your glutes in order to ensure the anti-cellulite action of this exercise. If you feel pain in your lower back or knees, you can do this exercise lying on your side.


30 Bridges

This is one of the best exercises for growing a butt, and here it is again for treating cellulite. For this exercise you are lying on your back and squeeze your glutes as much as you can. An alternative is to hold the position for 30’’.


30’’ Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are effective and easy to get as you basically have to jump. Make sure that your abs are contracted and do not take a break: try to keep a good rhythm for the 30 seconds, it is worth it.


30’’ Wall Sit

Toning your body will really help you getting rid of cellulite or at least reducing its appearance. The wall sit exercise is particularly effective because your glutes and thighs support your bodyweight. If you have troubles holding the position, you can do a classic plank instead. On the contrary, if this exercise feels too easy, you can hold it for a longer time: 1 min or more it is up to you.


30’’ rest

Then repeat the 7 exercises again, 3 times in total.


We selected these exercises specifically because they target cellulite areas of the body and because they stimulate blood flow. We recommend you to do this training at least 3 times a week for quick results.


Some easy tips to get rid of cellulite more effectively


anti cellulite exercise: alternative

Exercising is the most important step in your journey to cellulite disappearance. In addition to that, you can accelerate the results with adding self-massages to your daily routine. You can find a lot of creams enriched with caffeine or oils that will help treating cellulite. There also exist some tools designed specifically for dislodging cellulite. We advise you the Doctislim cup which will facilitate your self-massages.

As always when it comes to fitness exercises and goals, having a healthy diet will really help you. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 1.5L a day, structure your meals and you will get results in no time. One easy tip for everyday life that will help you treat cellulite without thinking of it is to tighten your glutes as often as you can: when you are cleaning the house, sitting at work or driving on your way home.


Don’t hesitate and tell us what your favorite anti-cellulite tip is!